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Morgan Building & Remodeling is a professional licensed contractor specializing in residential home improvements. They sweat the small stuff, and they were thrilled to learn that Orpheus undertakes each project with the same attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction that MB&B does.

The main goal for this new site was updating the design to something that is modern and mobile-friendly. The old site had a significant amount of text that hindered users from quickly finding the information for which they were searching. This design also works very poorly with mobile devices, where so much website traffic occurs.

Orpheus used multiple strategies to overcome this hurdle. Redundant information was eliminated. The remaining text was reorganized in a way that enables easy and intuitive navigation. Small snippets of text appear on the home page. Each snippet is accompanied by a button that links to another page with more information. This design strategy allows you to quickly scan a page to find what you need. It also creates a system that allows you to access more information without forcing you to look at a lot of information you don’t need.

Combining each snippet-button fragment with an eye-catching image and proper spacing produces a website that is easy to read and navigate, and maintains its aesthetic appeal. 

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