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Chase Brandon repurposes items that many people would consider scrap into amazing, mechanically-inspired works of art. He tasked Orpheus with creating a logo that would allude to his inspiration, and a website that would showcase his fascinating sculptures. 

Both the website and logo Orpheus delivered were created with as much care as Chase puts into his work, and the artist approved.

The logo is bold, with hints of gears and blades and axles. Using white for the logo allows it to remain distinct from the pieces throughout the entire site while creating a sense of continuity for each page.

The overarching site design is minimalist. This keeps the focus on the artwork being exhibited. The homepage is a fullscreen slideshow that reveals some of the incredible details that Chase incorporates into his art. The presentation of such detail serves to draw the user in and create a memorable experience. All other pages utilize a dark background that directs your gaze to the art on the page.

In the end, the skills and passion Orpheus brought to the project resulted in a website and logo that an inventive artist is very happy to call his own.

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This website is a goddamn work of art!
Chase Brandon
Artist, Sculptor, Owner

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