Dominion Granite & Marble – Complete
Website Redesign


Dominion Granite and Marble offers handcrafted stone countertops, backsplashes, and so much more. Founded in 2001, Dominion has completed more than 10,000 projects. They came to Orpheus looking for a complete website overhaul. Our goal was to give them a site that highlights their custom designs and emphasizes their customer satisfaction.

The results speak for themselves. Our team was able to produce a modern design that showcases Dominion’s work and offers an intuitive user experience. We also incorporated some features to help set them apart from the competition. These features include a beautiful, full-page slideshow of some of their favorite projects, and a carousel of quotes from some of their satisfied customers. We also display their Google and Yelp ratings.  

Overall, we created a new site with a fresh and engaging presentation. The amazing redesign has enabled Dominion to present their work with a website as beautiful as their creations. 

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Thank you for a wonderful job on our website. We love it! We also look forward to working with you and the rest of your team for a very long time.
Erik Burgos

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