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The Powers Firm had a website redesign project under way with another firm that had dragged on for more than 4 years. They’d spent a significant sum of money, gone through multiple designs, and still the result was not what they needed it to be. Because it was originally built close to 4 years ago, the new design was not optimized for mobile devices.

Powers ultimately decided to bring Orpheus on to build a new, state-of-the-art website from the ashes of the previous project. The site was built in a responsive WordPress framework and optimized for devices of all sizes. In coordination with Powers’ website committee, Orpheus created a more current design that retained some elements from the previous project and completely abandoned many others. The new site was built, tested and launched in under 3 months.

For this project, the Orpheus team developed a custom WordPress plugin called “Lawyer Data” that it now owns and licenses to law firms. The plugin creates custom post types for legal professionals, practice areas, and news items with the ability to create many-to-many relationships between the data types. This plugin provides a powerful foundation and data structure for building robust law firm websites on top of WordPress.

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