Your Trucks For Sale – Complete Logo
and Website Redesign


Your Trucks For Sale is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of new and used trucks and SUV’s. The owner contacted Orpheus requesting an upgrade to the website’s performance as well as a new logo. After reviewing the site, Orpheus suggested a comprehensive overhaul that would address the performance issues and enhance the user experience.

To enhance the site’s visual appeal, Orpheus refined the design to utilize larger images for the listing previews. We made these images into links for the listing and removed redundant buttons. This design was chosen for two main reasons: it makes it easier for the user to find the vehicle they need, and it creates an excellent mobile experience by avoiding those too-small buttons everyone hates. 

Another major improvement Orpheus implemented was making all listings dynamically searchable. We created a tool that allows users to select multiple options from categories such as make, model, and type. When an option is selected, the search results update automatically. As the user selects more options, the results continually update in real time. This new search tool greatly enhances the user’s ability to easily find what they want.

Once the redesign was completed, increasing the sites performance involved one final operation: switching the site’s hosting to Orpheus servers. By transferring their website hosting to Orpheus, the last performance bottleneck was eliminated. Your Trucks For Sale was finally able to experience the minimal latency and load times our customers expect. They are now very satisfied with the site’s performance and presentation, and Orpheus is proud to have been their solutions provider.

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Orpheus created a new logo to complement the look and feel of the new website. While maintaining the construction of the original logo, the new logo adopts a modern and clean style, reinforcing the cohesiveness of the whole site.

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Home After

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