Commission Express

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Commission Express is a franchising business with more than 45 locations nationwide that work with realtors from across the country, allowing them to access their commissions sooner. They approached Orpheus because they wanted a complete redesign of their site.

We were able to exceed all of their expectations. The new design is cleaner and more consistent across all pages, allowing users to quickly comprehend each page they visit. The header disappears when scrolling down and reappears when scrolling up again, making navigation much easier. Beyond just updating the look of their website, significant attention was paid to creating the custom functionality outlined below.


Commission Express

Project Date

October 2019


Web Design, Custom Development, Web Hosting, Web Maintenance


Interactive Map

As a nationwide business, Commission Express was concerned about potential customers being able to easily find the nearest branch. The team at Orpheus addressed this concern by creating a custom map with pins at every branch location. This map is searchable by state and ZIP code. It also allows users to zoom in for a visual search. Click here to experience this map

Advanced Custom Forms

Commission Express gets thousands of applications for their service every year. Orpheus created a custom application form based on the WordPress Gravity Forms plugin that enables Commission Express franchisees to get the exact information they need from applicants. By building this form with Gravity Forms, administrators enjoy the ability to edit it using a drag-and-drop interface.


Dynamic Franchise System

Corporate administrators are able to add and edit franchises through the WordPress dashboard with a seamless custom interface, then assign franchise manager users access to their franchise. These users can then edit their specific landing page through their user portal.

We also created a tool for managers to control which zip codes their branch services. This feature allows them to control which franchise locations appear when a client searches the map using a zip code.