Your website deserves to be hosted on a high-performance platform. Orpheus offers several tiers of managed cloud hosting that frees you from website hosting hassles. 

Orpheus offers several tiers of managed cloud hosting that ensure you’ll never have to worry about website hosting again. We always allocate sufficient resources to ensure that websites hosted on our cloud load fast even at peak usage times, and we manage your hosting control panel so you don’t have to. With 24/7 support and gauranteed server up time of 99.9%, our managed hosting plans offer the best overall value available today. We’ll even migrate your first website into our hosting cloud for free when you switch.

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Lightning-fast CPUs and SSD hard drives
  • Shared and dedicated VPS options


Our cloud hosting solution offers unlimited websites, domains and SSL Certificates.


More than anyone, Orpheus understands the importance of a fast loading website. Our lightning-fast CPUs and SSD hard drives promote spectacular performance and significantly reduce page load times for your websites.


Shared hosting is a great option for smaller websites with fewer pages and page views. What if your business falls between small and large? VPS Hosting is the ideal solution between a dedicated server and shared hosting for medium-sized businesses and sites with decent traffic.


Tier 1


per year

10GB Storage

30GB Bandwidth

Tier 2


per year

20GB Storage

60GB Bandwidth

Tier 3


setup fee
usage fees paid directly to AWS


Dedicated server instance in AWS