They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So what story are you telling?

We live in a highly visual world. That means it's difficult to command attention without original and compelling video and photography. That's true not only for your website but for your social channels, too. Consumers are eager and ready to engage with audio-visual storytelling, and it builds deep and long-lasting connections when you do it well.

That's easier said than done, though, isn't it? It takes a lot of work to produce great video and photography that's worthy of your brand. Don't worry. Orpheus offers a full suite of photography and videography services that suit your brand and your budget.

Video Production

Our full-service video production services include:

  • Storyboarding: Visually plotting out your content shot by shot so you can envision it
  • Script-writing: Writing scripts for actors, directors and editors to work from with a clear plan
  • Shooting: From live camera shoots to graphics and animation — whatever you need to tell your story
  • Directing: Shaping the story using text, music, performance and art for maximum impact
  • Special effects: In-camera and post-production visual effects that bring your content to life and reinforce messaging
  • Editing, color grading, uploading, SEO and more: All the tricky final steps that are difficult and time-consuming but elevate the work

Whether you’re looking for an ad, social media content or simply a company promo reel, we love to create for all budgets and project sizes. A pitch-perfect YouTube commercial or a viral Instagram campaign that reaches new customers and excites consumers — whatever it is, it can be transformative for your brand.

But it doesn’t work if you chase it too hard. You just need to keep producing clever, catchy work that makes your brand a bright spot on the internet, and eventually, you’ll find the audience that responds and rewards you for the work that you do. That’s what great video and photography can deliver for your brand.

Sample Work

Thalheimer Financial Planning

Introduction Video

Dominion Granite & Marble

Video Ad

Dominion Granite & Marble

Holiday Ad


Stock photos definitely have a place, but if you want to build your brand’s authenticity and credibility, you need to produce high-quality original photography. Our team of photographers and designers is skilled in portrait, food, interior, workplace, and product photography.

Forget generic stock images that don’t say anything specific about your company. We can help you bring your brand image to life with a steady stream of beautiful, original, high-resolution photos for your website and social feed.
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