Designing and developing world-class mobile applications for your unique business needs.
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You don’t need to be told how important a great mobile app is for your business.

In the U.S. and around the world, users interact with friends, communicate with businesses, and run their lives using apps on mobile devices. Not having a well-designed mobile app today is like not having an office phone 30 years ago.

Orpheus creates aesthetically appealing and functional mobile applications for all sorts of businesses. We take care of the entire design and development process, from planning and coding your mobile app to publishing it to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We diligently work to ensure that your mobile app is market-ready and deliver it to you on time.

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Cross-Platform Development in React Native

Developed by Facebook, React Native has rapidly become a premier tool for the development of cross-platform mobile apps, thanks to its ability to run one core codebase on both Android and iOS devices. Orpheus builds with React Native for a wide range of users at a reasonable cost. We commit to delivering high performance and visually appealing mobile apps on all major platforms.

Integration with External Services

To cater to various unique business processes and enhance the experience of end-users, our experienced developers can recommend and deliver external app integration as needed. Integrating a custom-built app with other existing systems enables optimal efficiency for your data and workflows.

Complete Technical Competency

Orpheus has experience in building both public and private-facing apps. We can develop any advanced features your business might need, from geolocation to in-app purchases, background audio, and much more.

Full Development Life-Cycle

Project Kick-Off

This is the vital first step toward building a successful application. Orpheus takes a deep dive into your high-level ideas to define your brand story and differentiators, along with your ideal product positioning. Together, we decide what success looks like and how we measure it — and we establish a solid plan for getting there.

Design & Mockups

Our graphic designers create professional, high-fidelity, interactive (clickable) mockups representing how your app will look and flow. Nothing goes into production without your eyes and approval.

Product Development

This is the stage where all the previous decisions, components and assets come together. It includes mobile development, web components and backend integrations, along with writing all the code necessary to bring your app to life.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and quality control ensure nothing slips through the cracks as we get closer to the launch. Our internal testing team assesses your app from every imaginable angle to make sure that all aspects of the product are working as they’re supposed to.

Review & Staging

Excitement builds as we perform final preparations, check and double-check to make sure your custom application has all its parts lined up for a smooth launch.

Launch, Training, Support

When the big day arrives, we launch the application and troubleshoot to monitor any issues, then conduct extensive training so you can run it the way you want to. Like any other part of your business, your digital products require care and maintenance. Rest assured, we are here to support you for the long haul.

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