Take your virtual events to the next level with Orpheus 

Orpheus takes you into the next wave of digital experiences with our newest service.

We’ve built a set of products designed to help you showcase all your creativity and expertise in a sophisticated, data-rich, virtual live event where and when you need it. It’s easy to connect with clients and partners all over the world and showcase your original work using multi-media tools. Create digital assets that you can record and use over and over again on the platform of your choice.

The Power of Virtual Events

For millions of people around the world, the pandemic was a crash course on how to video-conference, share screens and connect to online content in new and beneficial ways. We’ve taken all those lessons and that new online culture of sharing and put it together in a virtual events package that our clients can customize for their own content and presentations.

The Orpheus virtual events service is a full-package, simulated live online event service that includes:

  • Video production
  • Event registration
  • Pre-event testing
  • Live event monitoring for technical issues
  • Live recording and uploading
  • Post-production editing
  • Online event hosting and management

Whether you're launching a new product or service, sharing new research or connecting with your community, virtual events are a great way to provide engaging, immersive online experiences.

Show me how it works

3 Approaches You Can Use for Your Live Event

Self-service recording app

Clients can choose to record their presentation at their own convenience using the app we develop. They will upload a PDF presentation and record it while controlling their slides, using their webcam and mic.

Recording with an Orpheus expert

Clients still control their slides as they do the presentation, but we take over the recording process, capturing face, voice and slides and manually editing them into a slick presentation. This option works well when clients have videos in their presentation or when multiple speakers are sharing ideas and collaborating in one presentation.

Personal recording use

Many of our clients find new and unusual ways to use the service, from teaching online courses to creating art or recording personal messages for friends and family. If you’re building something new and original, Orpheus virtual events service can help you with a set of tools for customizing frames, adding logos and incorporating branding and elements that enrich your virtual event.
*Speak to a sales rep to get individual pricing for this option. 
As more and more people work remotely and use their own devices to connect, virtual live events and webinars are only going to become more important. Getting the basics right — audio, video, text and images — makes all the difference in a presentation. Orpheus is ready to help you create virtual presentations you can be proud of.

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