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Orpheus Studios in Reston, VA, expertly blends cutting-edge web development with artistic prowess in video and photography, creating a unique nexus of digital innovation and creative expression.


Orpheus Studios, nestled in Reston, VA’s Plaza America, is a beacon of digital innovation and multimedia artistry. Born from Orpheus Inc., we fuse state-of-the-art web development with dynamic video and photography, providing custom digital solutions from website design to multimedia production. Our studio boasts modular sets, top-tier soundproofing, and advanced lighting, perfect for crafting everything from educational courses to vibrant marketing content. Orpheus Studios is more than a digital workshop; it’s a space where technology meets art to create experiences that captivate and inspire.

Rent or Bring Your Own Equipment

Professional Camera Equipment

A variety of cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and possibly medium format cameras, suited for different types of photography and videography.

Lighting Equipment

Professional studio lights, softboxes, umbrellas, and reflectors for optimal lighting in photography and video shoots.

Audio Recording Gear

High-quality microphones, audio recorders, and soundproofing materials for clear audio recording, especially important for video production.

Green Screen and Backdrops

For creating different backgrounds in photos and videos, enabling chroma key compositing.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Experience lightning-fast connectivity with our high-speed internet, ensuring seamless streaming, uploads, and downloads for all your online needs.

Virtual Event Technology

Spectacle is a presentation recording web app that allows you to capture your presentations in high-quality video and audio for free, and then edit them into professional final cuts in just minutes.

Morgan Gendel

TV Writer

For my aerospace company Planetary Shelter’s website, the studio at Orpheus’s Reston, VA HQ really had a chance to shine. Great lighting, versatile sets and expert camera work are all part of the package. The resulting set of videos beautifully enhanced the site’s overall design. But the best part about Orpheus is their strong sense of collaboration. They listen to a client’s ideas, stay true to that vision, and with unflagging good cheer apply experience and creativity to bring a site to vivid life. I would recommend Orpheus to anyone looking to elevate their video content. A heartfelt thanks to the entire Orpheus team!"

Real Talent

Peter Arundel

Business Owner

"The Orpheus studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and design which provided me excellent photographic results."

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