Grasshopper Adventures – Complete Website Redesign


Grasshopper Adventures offers immersive and experiential cycling tours in over 15 countries across Asia and Southeast Asia. Most of their customers book trips online. Because their website is the primary tool for both sales and marketing, Grasshopper challenged Orpheus with creating a web experience that is both beautiful and very user-friendly.

One of the biggest goals for this overhaul was simplifying navigation. Orpheus accomplished this goal through multiple methods. We created a powerful, dynamic tour search tool that empowers users to find the exact information they want with minimal work on their part. We also implemented a design that allows users to visually scan a page and quickly locate the information for which they are searching.

Orpheus created dynamic tour pages that update automatically as you select tour options. We also built a booking form that integrates with their Rezdy system’s API.

Combine these improvements with the “Find Trips” button that is visible in the header of nearly every page, and you get a navigation structure that enables any potential customer to find the tour of their dreams.

By design, all of these features carry over to mobile devices for an excellent site experience, regardless of format. Through the employment of these and other techniques, Orpheus was able to greatly enhance both the presentation of Grasshopper’s services and the experience of its users, and we are ready to do the same for you.

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