Operation Big Sister

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Operation Big Sister is a visionary team of modern day abolitionists who seek to put an end to the worldwide practice of human trafficking. The organization seeks to use web technology to intercept and prevent actual transactions from taking place, along with awareness raising efforts at the grass roots and through mass media.

The first step in Operation Big Sister’s master plan was to create a powerful and evocative website that guides visitors towards ways that they can help with the cause. Orpheus was asked to create an original website design with a unique and interactive “take action” page based on the organization’s circular logo, with each spoke on the wheel speaking to a different type of visitor.

Our team came up with a website design that is both minimal and powerful. We were able to fulfill the vision for the take action page with some clever CSS and Javascript wizardry and put other unique flourishes in place throughout the rest of the site.


Operation Big Sister

Project Date

July 2017


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