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Thalheimer Financial Planning (TFP) is a financial planning and Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Silver Spring, MD. They provide holistic, integrated financial planning and investment management to individuals and families in the DC area.

Steve Thalheimer of Thalheimer Financial Planning approached us about overhauling his website. We worked with Steve to come up with a website with a look and feel that he was happy with. We then built the full site out in a fully-responsive framework and tweaked it until it was exactly right for Steve. We took special measures to preserve TFP’s excellent Google search rankings, as well. Finally, we took the site live on our powerful AWS web servers and further assisted Steve with minor issues and maintenance as needed after the site was live.

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In addition to revamping the website, Orpheus offered Thalheimer Financial Planning a full-service video production. We worked closely with Steve on every step of the process, which includes script-writing, storyboarding, shooting, picture lock, color correction, and audio processing. The final product is an introduction video that Steve is proud to show off on their new website.  

It came out really good. I love it!!
Steve Thalheimer



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