The Montessori School of Herndon

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The Montessori School of Herndon was established in 1984 to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to child education. As one of the best recognized montessori schools in Northern Virginia, they were eager to have Orpheus revamp their website so that their online presence was reflective of their real-world reputation.

Orpheus was able to modernize the site without any issues. The old site relied very heavily on large blocks of text. This style of presentation, while being informative, forces the user to read much more than is necessary, and makes finding specific information difficult. Our first goal was to eliminate this hurdle.

Orpheus able to reorganize all of the text into much smaller segments. With the addition of relevant images, graphics, and proper spacing, the new site offered a much more user-friendly design. The updated layout enables a user to quickly skim a page and still understand what that page is about. The smaller paragraphs with images create a visual appeal that long-format text pages lack.

We also focused on creating an experience that works well on mobile devices. Text now fits nicely on the screen. Images scale and stack properly. The new calendar is easy to use and does not require any scrolling to the side. All of the little details that make for a pleasant mobile experience have been addressed.

The Montessori School of Herndon was in dire need of an enhanced web presence. The team at Orpheus was happy to apply their expertise and help the school project the image it has earned.


The Montessori of Herndon

Project Date

August 2018


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