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The American Society of Medical Association Counsel (ASMAC) is a membership organization that focuses on providing resources and opportunities to attorneys who are employed by, or work on behalf of, physicians and other medical organizations. They reached out to Orpheus because they wanted their site totally revamped, both in terms of design and functionality.

One customization they requested was to have a “members only” area. We implemented this in two steps. First, we used the WordPress plugin BuddyPress to add the community features that ASMAC desired. However, BuddyPress doesn’t restrict these features to members of the society. To accomplish this, Orpheus created a custom plugin that made these features private.

Access to the community features within the ASMAC member portal is controlled by another customization they requested: the ability to have paid memberships. They also wanted members to be able to pay their dues directly on the website. Using WooCommerce, Orpheus was able to set up multiple payment options, including a recurring membership that is automatically charged to the member.

Design changes to the site were numerous. Orpheus implemented modern design principles site-wide to enhance the user’s experience. All content on the site was reworked and optimized for mobile devices. Even the color palette was updated to match ASMAC’s logo and create a cohesive experience throughout the site.

The new site is intuitive, useful, and engaging. By listening to our customer’s needs, we were able to create a tool that ASMAC is happy to promote, and ASMAC’s members want to use. ASMAC is ecstatic about their new website and member portal, and Orpheus is proud to have delivered the result they desired.



Project Date

November 2017


Web Design, Custom Development, Web Hosting