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MineLight Solutions is a consulting firm that works with senior executives to improve their organization’s performance. Orpheus was brought on board to redesign their website with a modern aesthetic that works well on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. 

The solution developed by Orpheus was multi-faceted. Dropdown menus were implemented in the header to facilitate easy navigation. Text was pared down into smaller sections or key phrases and accompanied by new images, creating a layout that enables quick comprehension by the user. This design also works very well for the smaller screens on tablets and phones.

The new design accomplishes everything MineLight Solutions wanted to achieve. It presents a modern and professional appearance befitting a top-tier consulting firm. It works well on the mobile devices we use every day, and offers enhanced navigation that enables busy executives to swiftly determine if MineLight Solutions is right for their organization. MineLight loves their upgraded website, and Orpheus was happy to tackle this project.

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I can't imagine this looking any better.
MineLight Solutions

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