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The future is back.

That’s because the current graphic design trends that will dominate in 2023 indicate that we’ve put the pandemic behind us now and are looking firmly toward the future. While the last few years have seen a return to a more comforting, reassuring look and feel, the latest trends in graphic design are, once again, pushing the envelope of creativity.

Let’s take a closer look at current trends in graphic design to see what will dominate the web over the next 12 months.

1. A Punk Revival

It should come as no surprise that the aesthetic of rebellious counterculture is making a comeback in a big way. There is a spirit of change and anarchy in the air. Protesters in Iran are challenging the established order, while in China, a surge in public defiance forced the government to loosen its Zero Covid policies.

The punk movement, with its DIY spirit and its sneering attitude toward corporate control, is likely to find some real traction in the months ahead with brands looking to make a break from the past and start something new and exciting.

2. The Return of Sans Serif Fonts

It seems like we’ve had years and years of serif fonts dominating the web. But finally, designers seem to have had enough. A return to a more minimal, geometric freshness is on the cards. As more and more products go digital, companies are realizing that sans serif typefaces are more legible and accessible when viewed on apps and websites. There are many classic sans serif fonts to choose from, but quirkier options like Everett and Ginto could pick up a serious following in the year ahead.

3. Digital Escapism

In an age where everything seems to be going badly, it’s only natural for people to look for a way to get away from it all and escape to somewhere better. That feeling, in conjunction with our ongoing addiction to our mobile devices, is resulting in a wave of digital escapism. No doubt, much of this dreamy, moody aesthetic is inspired by the digital art that seems to be everywhere now, as well as the stunning, mythical landscapes of series like those depicted in the Lord of the Rings or the House of Dragon TV series.

4. Mystical, Natural Musings

With all the chaos in the world, there is definitely a move to find meaning and spiritual peace in design. For some brands, we’re noticing a trend toward embracing natural colors, softer lines and a sense of harmony and destiny. What does that look like? It may be a shift toward elements like the moon and the stars, an embrace of zodiac signs, and a nod to the natural world and the comforting idea that humanity has a shared destiny that is bigger than any of us realize.

5. The Metaverse Is Coming

One of the biggest tech stories today is the metaverse. Although this new hybrid, virtual world is still more of a concept than reality, graphic design is already setting the tone for the metaverse. What can we expect from designers?  More futuristic look and feel, a lot of sci-fi imagery and typography, 2D avatars, and design that leaps from the real to the digital and back again. We predict neon and gothic color palettes are going to be everywhere as this trend takes hold.

6. Condensed Storytelling

Complex storytelling with simplicity is one of the great strengths of graphic design. In 2023, we can expect to see complex compositions that portray many different scenes in a single image. While the designs are dense, they’re often stylistically minimalist at the same time, which offers some breathing space. Perhaps in a world as complex as ours, it stands to reason that brands would be looking to tell complete stories in a single image.

7. Inclusivity

This trend should come as no surprise. The younger generation is highly attuned to any hints of bias or discrimination, and they have no tolerance for it. Graphic design over the coming year will be expected to feature people of all colors, creeds, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations.

The backlash for brands that are perceived as being biased is swift and severe. It’s very unlikely that designers will be taking that kind of risk — unless they decide to appeal to a niche market that wants to make a statement in the culture wars.

8. Twisted, Tortured Fonts

Traditional fonts are getting a makeover in 2023 and forcing the viewers to work harder. You can expect to see shapes bent, twisted and eroded and sentences that melt away into nothingness. Perhaps this is just another reflection of the state of our world, or maybe it’s got something to do with the metaverse messing with our conventional reality. Wherever it’s coming from, you can expect to see more fonts like Cobya that are giving designers the tools to do something new and interesting in typography.

We Keep Up With the Trends So You Don’t Have To

Are there any current trends in graphic design that we missed out on? Let us know what you think.

As web designers ourselves, graphic design is at the heart of our mission at Orpheus. We live, breathe and sleep the latest trends in web design  — sometimes embracing them and sometimes discarding them. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the imagery that best serves our clients’ needs. Getting that right is always the best graphic design decision.

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